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Expertise, experiences and unique personal stories. We agree, we differ and we talk all the time about everything. And we build from that.

This is the richness of our contribution to entrepreneurs. Working together, combining points of view, analyzing power and organizing a knowledge that comes from thousands of hours of study and interactions.

We are advisers, analysts, investors and entrepreneurs. We are always available to entrepreneurs who have a purpose, talent and daring to build companies that will change the future of Brazil


Founder & Partner

Edson began his professional life as a musician, just like so many teenagers in the 80 years, wanted to change the world through music.He spent 10 hours a day scaling his guitar, but he also loved programming and developing his own games.His knowledge of technology led him to start working in the IT area of ​​the family retail network.

He resolved to devote himself to transforming the family business into 1991 and into 1995 part for an MBA in Finance at Columbia University.

At the end of the MBA, at 1997 is hired by Lucent Technologies and in 5 years, arrives at the position of Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

In 2002 he became co-founder of the M&A boutique Cicerone Capital, working in the sectors of Telecom, Media and Technology. In the following 5 years, he became involved in the main transactions in these markets, including: Intelig, GVT, AOL Latam, Chilesat, Maxcom, and Avantel.

During this period he meets Endeavor, and after being invited to some mentoring, he discovers his true calling: helping entrepreneurs to scale their businesses (or at least not get shipwrecked in this quest!)

At the beginning of 2008 next to Laura Constantini starts to found Astella, starting a cycle that already lasts more than 10 years in the Brazilian Venture Capital market.

Edson continues to want to change the world but has found that his tool for this is not music but building a country with talented, daring, skilled entrepreneurs with the resources to make a big impact.


Founder & Partner

Laura spent her adolescence participating in the CISV, seeking to know new cultures and live with cultural differences.

She studied management at GV and chose the path of finance that eventually led to her career in research at Banco Santander in Brazil and NY and then in the Guaranty.

At that time she met Edson Rigonatti, who was his source of information on technology for his analysis when it came to telecom.

With a full research cycle of public equity, and the desire to build a family, spending less time on long trips, Laura decided to change the course of her career in 2005 for Cicerone Capital to work alongside Edson in mergers acquisitions.

From the successful partnership of the 2 was born Astella in 2008.

Since then, Laura has had her 2 daughters alongside her husband Alexandre, while at Venture Capital she discovered her true vocation by combining the solid background in finances with a human vision, which seeks to understand and value the diversity and differences of each entrepreneur.

Laura is one of the leading women's leaders of the Brazilian Venture Capital, and when she enjoys spending some time she enjoys photographing.



Marcelo never wanted to know what a CLT was, learned how to program at home with his MSX and the 18 years old opened the first business, a computer school.

The school did not go forward, but the taste for technology and education was the embryo of CIATECH, which he founded alongside partner Alex Augusto.

In 21 years of activity the company became a software house specializing in CD-Rom projects in Brazil, with the growth of the Internet pivoted the model for online education, and became the leader of corporate education at a distance.

In 2010, the then CTO decided to go deeper into the world of administration and graduated in Finance from Universidade Getulio Vargas - SP, also assuming the position of CFO.

Invested from the Astella Journey I fund, and with a successful sale to UOL at 2013, Sato won his first executive record at UOL Education where he remained until 2017.

The executive career allowed Sato to go deeper in M&A processes, with 3 acquisitions and a merger, consolidating the company's operation as a leader in online education in Brazil.

At 2017, he joins the Astella team as a partner, focusing on origination, governance, technology and finance.



Daniel was born in São Paulo, in the then Jewish district of Bom Retiro in 1974.

He dreamed of being a musician, but ended up studying Administration and entering the 19 years advertising in the search for a career more stable than the music but less rigid than the one of the great corporations.

He worked for 25 for years in the Brazilian advertising and media market, initially at McCann-Erickson and DM9DDB and later as one of the founders of the initiative that brought MPM back to the market.

At 2010 she participates in the merger with LODUCCA, and then as an agency partner she helps put her among the 5's most creative independent communication companies in the world.

Over time he had the opportunity to work for a wide range of companies, among them Ambev, Itaú, Santander, Nextel, GVT, Telefonica, Red Bull, Pepsico, FOX, Leroy Merlin, South America, Honda, Dell, B2W, and many others, knowing from the perspective of marketing several sectors of the Brazilian economy.

Meet Edson Rigonatti at 2009 through joint mentoring at Endeavor, and then co-investor in startups.

In 2016 he sells his stake in LODUCCA, and begins a trail alongside ASTELLA's partners helping entrepreneurs in the areas of strategy, marketing and communication and growth.

Music never came out of Daniel's life.

Composer and member of the electronic pop trio Jules, and founding partner of the AudioArena studio in São Paulo, producer of the TV program and YouTube channel AudioArena Originals.

He was President of the NGO SP Media Group for two terms, and Counselor of the IVC and Arizona.


Venture Partner

Martino is the son of a couple of Europeans who had arrived in Brazil only 2 weeks before his birth.

He studied in a German school with an alternative pedagogical line founded on the arts, and left from there riding and programming computers, hopelessly in love with technology.

At the age of twenty he opened his first business, a BBS - precursor system of what would become an Internet access provider.

He founded two more companies in the digital advertising sector between 1996 and 2008, contributing actively to the construction of the sector in Brazil as Vice President of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Counselor of CONAR by the digital market.

In 2009 decided to join his entrepreneurial baggage to Edson and Laura in the construction of Astella and its first fund, Journey I.

In 2018, already living in Italy, he assumed the position of COO of Docebo, digital platform for corporate education Italo-Canadian with the mission to seek the IPO of the company.

With this he becomes Venture Partner in Astella.

Martino is also an activist of initiatives such as Kiva and OpenCourseware Fund of MIT, and mentor of Endeavor Brazil and Italy.

Lives in Milan with family since 2011.