Venture Capital for Heroes,

We support daring entrepreneurs at different stages of their trajectories. We share their dreams and accompany them through their amazing entrepreneurial adventure. We walk along with them, anticipating and overcoming any obstacles. What is our goal? To chase bold challenges and create amazing business deals that can change the world. And, above all, to make the journey worthwhile.


Every entrepreneur is a hero.

A journey is the quest for an ideal, for a great challenge. For some, the motivation is a financial reward. For others, it is the desire to do something larger than they are. Whatever their goal, to get there they will need superhuman willpower. It takes humility and wisdom to learn and to make the right decisions, as well as passion and discipline to withstand the struggles that come with each phase. It takes a real hero.

The Journey

Every hero yearns for a successful journey.

However, getting there will take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. We help entrepreneurs optimize and accelerate their trajectory, by mastering client acquisition, product development, and company training. We share our knowledge and relationships with them, helping entrepreneurs to draw the path they will need to take to achieve their goals.

How we work

The journey is difficult, but we are there to support them.

Day to day, we are always at the entrepreneurs’ side, providing a set of skills and best practices that help them assess risks, outline objectives, and develop competencies. For each stage, we adopt different strategies, which will guide the business to take the next step toward progress.

About us

For many, the internet is a threat, but to others it is an opportunity.

Right now, we live in a new phase of revolution. The universalization of wired and mobile broadband and the globalization of platforms like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple have caused profound changes in consumer, business, and government behavior, creating the perfect conditions for bold entrepreneurs to embark on extraordinary journeys and change the world once again.

Investment Thesis

Several entrepreneurs have already reached this goal.

What matters most is the journey, not the destination. The result of this is entrepreneurs who are more mature, whole, and connected. Since 2010, Astella has helped to develop the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Brazil. We have invested in dozens of companies, some of which have later been acquired by larger corporations.


Are you ready for your journey?

Do you have a project connected to the internet or software development with the potential to solve the problems of millions of people or businesses? Do you have a talented and integrated team? The phase in which you are does not matter. If we believe in your dream, we will embark on this journey with you and your team!


We will support you with just the right resources

We provide the resources you need to take your business to a new level, while closely monitoring its execution. We provide more than financial capital. We mainly provide knowledge, connections, and discipline. We generate value, and always do more with less. This is our DNA