Investment thesis


Within the last 250 years, humankind has been radically affected by five cycles of technological development. The Industrial Revolution, the steam train revolution, the steel revolution, the automobile revolution, and the transistor revolution. All of these cycles brought sudden changes in human behavior and created tremendous opportunities. Entrepreneurs who foresaw these changes and knew how to take advantage of them have been responsible for major innovations, transforming their own reality as well as the lives of others.

Right now, we live in a new phase of revolution. The universalization of wired and mobile broadband and the globalization of platforms like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple have caused profound changes in consumer, business, and government behavior, creating the perfect conditions for bold entrepreneurs to embark on extraordinary journeys and change the world once again.

To complete this bold project, the entrepreneur needs to understand the challenges that lie ahead. Our way of working consists of looking at the transformations underway and creating solid hypotheses about what will happen. We invest in opportunities, not fads.

We are searching for solutions that meet the needs of thousands of consumers (e-commerce and education), that connect people and businesses (marketplaces) or that solve the problems of companies and governments (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS).

Based on our experiences and knowledge of each of these scenarios, we are able to evaluate what favorable combination of talents is needed to enable these solutions, estimate the time required to complete each stage of the project, and calibrate the financial resources according to each phase.