The Journey


A journey is a quest for an ideal, for a great challenge. For some, the motivation is a financial reward. For others, it is the desire to do something larger than they are. Whatever your goal, to get there you will need superhuman willpower. It takes humility and wisdom to learn and make the right decisions, as well as passion and discipline to withstand the struggles of each phase. It takes a real hero.

You decide what your destination is and if it’s worth the risk. You decide when you will leave. You decide who will accompany you and what their roles and rewards will be. You decide what to do with the available resources. Heroes pursue their ideals, in spite of the people, knowledge, and money they have on hand.

Some begin to walk with a small team (or even alone), starting with only an idea or problem. This is the discovery phase. Others are already a step ahead, at the validation phase, working on a rudimentary product. There are also those who have come to us with an initial client base and are heading toward the efficiency phase. Finally, there are those who have a mature product, a good customer base, and are ready to scale.

Each stage of the journey brings a new type of challenge and, as such, requires a different strategy. Pain indicates that your body (the structure of your company) is not ready, and you need to develop physical and mental muscles (systems, processes, and resources) to move forward. At each step, you and your team must be prepared to adapt. We will be by your side, with a compass and a map in hand. Enjoy the trip!